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Looking for Love? Here Are 3 Links Between Dating and Dental Health

January 1, 2022

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You were on an afternoon walk in Bedford, TX when you spotted a couple enjoying a picnic at a park. The stunning smiles on their faces and the happiness they seem to share might have been great for them, but it was a bummer for you. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you’re not sure why your dating prospects have been so low recently. You’ve gotten off to a great start with a few potential partners, but they always mysteriously disappear. What is going on? Some of the most common reasons people lose interest in a dating prospect relate to dental health. Check out these three data-driven facts below to discover how you can solve your dating dilemma with a gorgeous and healthy smile. 

 1—Bad Breath is the #1 Dating Turn Off 

According to a recent study by DataVox, 68% of respondents chose to stop dating someone due to bad breath. Halitosis, the formal name for this condition, has been cited as the most common oral health flaw that can shut down your dating prospects. Bad breath affects about half of the population, with some cases being much more severe than others. However, it’s not typically a permanent hurdle. Better oral hygiene, cutting habits like smoking, and seeing your dentist regularly can freshen your breath and your dating prospects. 

2—Self-Confidence is Linked to Your Smile 

The courage and enthusiasm it takes to share your natural smile with the world requires self-confidence. When embarrassed about your teeth, you may hide your smile during job interviews or on dates. Because confidence is such an important dating factor, your cosmetic dental condition may be diminishing your dating prospects. Fortunately, restorative and cosmetic dentistry can make a difference. Whether you need a dental implant to fill a gap, Invisalign to straighten your teeth, or a teeth whitening treatment, you can achieve a smile you are proud of.   

3—People Find Oral Hygiene Sexy 

A survey has found that 74% of women view excellent oral health as one of the sexiest qualities of a potential partner. A healthy smile is rated as one of the top attractive qualities by all genders and generations. Maintaining a beautiful smile can signal to your partner that you care about your oral health and sex appeal. When you flash your pearly whites, you are highlighting the health, status, and discipline tied to your stunning smile. 

Got dating problems? Check out your smile, breath, and oral health to determine if addressing your dental issues is the solution to your Valentine’s Day blues. 

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