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Restorative Dentistry – Bedford, TX

Protecting Cracked and Decayed Teeth

Your teeth are very strong yet also very vulnerable. The enamel protecting them is harder than your bones, but since it contains no living cells, it can’t heal itself once it has been seriously damaged by decay or physical trauma. So what are your options for returning a broken tooth back to its full size and strength? At Omega Dental of Bedford, we have a variety of natural-looking, reliable options for restorative dentistry in Bedford, TX to reverse dental damage of all kinds; get in touch with us as soon as you can in order to make sure your smile is protected for the future.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Animated tooth with seamless filling restoration

After removing the bacteria from your cavity, we need to replace the structure of the tooth that was destroyed; doing so will help protect against further decay and infection. Instead of a gold or metal amalgam filling, we favor composite resin that can match the color of your tooth in order to blend in perfectly. Since this material bonds directly with the tooth itself, it typically doesn’t require any undercutting (or removal or existing enamel) to hold it in place. Make an appointment today to take care of decay!

What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

dentist examining patient’s mouth after giving tooth-colored fillings in Bedford

Traditionally, fillings were made of amalgam, which is composed of a combination of various metals like silver, tin, and mercury. In most cases, additional tooth structure had to be removed to allow the amalgam fillings to stay in place. Nowadays, we use composite resin, a biocompatible material that consists of dental plastic and fine, white ceramic particles. The molecules in composite resin adhere nicely with enamel, and these fillings do not have the same risk of causing temperature sensitivity like amalgam.

The Process of Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling

patient undergoing the process of tooth-colored fillings in Bedford

When you have a tooth that has a minor cavity, first your dentist gives you a local anesthetic so you won’t feel anything in that area of your mouth. Then, we must get rid of the structure that has been impaired by decay. After that, we take the composite resin, which is the consistency of a thick putty, and put into the hole in the tooth. Next, we sculpt the resin to resemble natural tooth shape and shine a curing light on it to harden the material. If necessary, we can make final adjustments to make sure your bite feels comfortable and correct.

The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

man smiling and enjoying the benefits of tooth-colored fillings with a dentist in Bedford

Whenever you have the option to go with a less-invasive treatment, do it! Tooth-colored fillings allow you to keep more of your natural enamel, preserving your tooth structure for longer. Composite resin, unlike amalgam, can be shaded to match your real tooth, so others can’t tell that your tooth had decay in the first place. In terms of money and insurance benefits , it costs significantly less to pay for a filling than a crown, which means you’re saving on your out-of-pocket cost by handling decay as early as possible!

Dental Crowns

Animated dental crown placement

When a large portion of enamel is missing, the exposed tooth can be protected with a special cap called a dental crown. In the past, crowns have been made out of gold and other highly visible metals. If you’re concerned about appearances, however, you’ll probably want a porcelain crown instead. Porcelain closely matches tooth enamel in both color and the way it reflects light, meaning most people won’t even realize that you have a dental restoration at all.

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